Only War

Mission 1: Beach Head


Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Capture the power generator
Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

  • The 13th Telrazzian Rifles make planet fall on Inverness.
  • 5th Company landed in the first wave on the outskirts of the Hive City
  • 3rd Platoon took heavy casualties but was eventually successful in taking the power generator, powering down the anti air defenses and allowing for the rest of the regiment to land.

Notable moments:

  • Commissar Fortunus led a mighty charge in order to recover his hat. He was heavily wounded, but victorius.
  • Tech Priest Xanatov successfully called in an airstrike on the enemy position.
  • Commissar Fortunus vanquished a corrupted Techpriest in hand to hand combat.

+5 logistics.


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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