Only War

Mission 2: Recon

D-Day +1

Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Gather intelligence of an enemy armoured brigade.
Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

Mission Specific gear:

  • Chameleoline Cloaks
  • Preysense Goggles
  • Pict Recorder
  • Auspex
  • Handheld Targeter
  • 3rd Squad entered the hive city and began to recon for the traitorous armoured brigade.
  • Traveled by rooftop to avoid ground forces
  • Drew enemy attention when Cook fumbled with his flamer just as a Traitor Valkyrie transport soared overhead.
  • Party captured the Valkyrie and dispatched occupants, but Techpriest Veche was convinced it was heretical and must be destroyed.
  • The party continued their recon until encountering beginning to pick up heat emissions of battle tanks and something larger.
  • Upon inspection, this larger signature turned out to be a tainted Reaver Class Titan.
  • The party encounted Sergeant Duk’Shan and his scout squad, who had been sent to destroy the titan.
  • With the aid of the party, the Titan was destroyed and the armoured brigade neutralized.

Notable moments

  • Commissar Fortunus leaped onto the Titan alongside the Salamanders and developed a mutual respect/heroworship with Sergeant Duk’Shan.

Salamander Honour Badge
Silver Cog of Telrazzia
+5 Logistics


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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