Only War

Mission 3: Take and Hold

Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Take Bridge 517 and hold until relieved (Success)
Secondary Objective: Rescue Third Platoon, 7th Company (Partial Success)
Tertiary Objective: Eliminate The Night Whisper & The Bloody Baron

Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

Mission Specific gear:

  • Chimera “Steed of Gallophus”
  • 2x Tarrantula Turrets (Lost)
  • Boltgun & Inferno Shells
  • Hotshot Lasgun
  • Barbed Wire (Lost)
  • Sand Bags (Lost)
  • Mines (Lost)
  • Carapace Armour x2
  • Chameoline Cloak
  • Auspex
  • Field Suture
  • Medikit
  • Manstopper Rounds
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Screamer

Notable moments

  • Nathin “Cook” Cornelius was saved by the Emperor from a direct hit from an Earthshaker Cannon
  • Bridge 517 was flanked by utilizing the Steed of Gallophus’ Amphibious Capabilities.
  • The party and a handful of 7th Company Scouts held Bridge 517 from hundreds of traitors, chaos mutants, sentinel walkers, a Leman Russ, mortar fire and friendly fire.
  • Sniper Macharius defeated the Leman Russ “Skullcrusher” first by shooting off it’s banner pole and then by killing it’s driver and forcing it to drive off of the bridge.
  • Commissar Fortunous survived being shot in the face by a sniper.
  • The Steed of Gallophus began to act independently alongside the servitor Zippy, fully prepared to sacrifice themselves to the Omnissiah for the lives of the squad.
  • The Departmento Munitorum is like Centrelink
  • The mysterious Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos Was met by the party, although they still don’t know what she looks like outside of her armour.

+ 1000 XP
- 3 Logistics Rating (Loss of 3rd Platoon, 7th; loss of Tarrantula Turrets, extreme damage to Steed of Gallophus)


Tom_Murray Arkyte

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