Nathin "Cook" Cornelius

I feel so Cold


Pending Upgrades not confirmed

Conceptual Upgrades
Arm’s master
Two Weapon Training (Melee) (Ranged)
Cleanse and Purify
Hard Target Teir 2 one trait

Cook’s core
Common Load out

Known awards? that affect Cook

Salamander Honour Badge
Silver Cog of Telrazzia
Commandant’s Commendation
Inverness Campaign Medal
The Mark of Vulcan

Good Craftsman Botanic Legs
Good Craftsman Botanic Arms
Good Craftsmanship Respiratory System

Purchased Upgrades

Hip Shooting
Simple BS advance, intermediate BS
Simple Agility Advance, Intermediate Aglity +5
Simple WS advance,
Dodge known
Trade Cook +10
Excellent Cook


“No matter his primary speciality, from the lowliest cook to the Warmaster himself, every Guardsman’s secondary military occupation is infantry.” –Captain Jorge Melial, 874th Horlus Grenadiers

Nathan is a cook, he may not be the strongest, nor the wisest but compare to rations his meals are just a step above.
He is always masked and covered head to toe in armour, his reason are his own but those that have peer behind it… they wished they hadn’t.
When asked all he mentions is the battle on Inverness.

For those that have seen Nathan on the field, he rarely breaks out into long range skirmishers instead while the 1st squadron of the 13th Telrazzian Rifles Regiment fight he is there holding a flamer and grenades at the ready.
While impossible to see, comrades could almost swear there is a silent glee everytime Nathan sets his foes ablaze.


Meals for the regiment are always served at 1700, it is a great dishonor not to be able to serve the men their food, meals are to be consumed in a 30 minute window and failure to compile that food is wasted.

It is the duty of the cook to prepare the evening meal, and assist in covering the line when the meal is being eaten. It is a great offence for any Battleground cuisine creator not to possess the necessary equipment to be able to provide his comrades their meals.

Nathin began as an apprentice cook to a man named BLANK, where he was shown the art and delight to cooking, during the traitors uprising. Nathin took to the field with his cooking knowledge, and his portable gas fueled oven heated emitter. For him this was not about the glory of battle but the art of the Emperor cuisine, for war is best serve charred.

Nathin "Cook" Cornelius

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