Colonel Osbourne

Regimental Commander of the 13th Telrazzian Rifles


Colonel Trenton Osbourne is the current commanding officer of the 13th Telrazzian Rifles. He is a veteran of the Telrazzia Heresy, having been a junior officer at the time. A powerful orrator, the regiment has overcome formidable odds after having received one of his rousing speeches. Colonel Osbourne has a burning desire to see the name of Telrazzia no longer associated with heresy and as such is often compelled to push his regiment to greater acts of heroism, no matter the cost. While Colonel Osbourne often leads from the rear, knowing that he is needed to oversee the running of the regiment, those who have seen him fight tell stories of his skill with a power sword. He wields an ornate Inferno Pistol shaped like a snarling dragon, gifted to him by the Captain of the Salamander’s 4th Company.


Colonel Osbourne

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