Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos

Inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos


Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos is an almost mythic figure among the people of Telrazzia Prime. She is their savior. Many have called for her to be named a living saint. None of the Telrazzians would truly understand her role as an Inquisitor of the Adeptus Xenos. That she walks in the dark places to save humanity. That she alone has the power to condemn countless millions to death.

Inquisitor Gwonos always takes to the field wearing golden power armour and an enclosed face mask. No one truly knows what she looks like. Accompanying the Inquisitor are a pair of heavily augmented servitors, Cadian Kasrkin wearing blacked out armour and her Interrogator, Thaddeus Trant.


Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos

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