May enemies of the Emperor fear all of (ab)humankind


Kron ignored the bad words when he was growing up.
“Kron no good at fightin t’ings, Kron can’t swing!”
“Bah, Kron spends his time readin too many books!”
But those words toughened Kron, and his belief in the Emperor was enough. Kron graduated long before his “friends”, and could actually shoot and hit things more often than them too.

He still remembers his simmering rage from those times, especially on days like this when he’s holding back the traitor horde, he channels said rage, utilising tactics his old “friends” would not have understood, such as standing in a door with an Ogryn’s almighty bulk to stop the traitors reaching his scout friends. Mmhmm, tactical. A grin breaches Kron’s ugly mug as a Chimera speeds up the arse of the traitors.

The Emperor always saves.


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