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Mission 1: Beach Head

Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Capture the power generator
Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

  • The 13th Telrazzian Rifles make planet fall on Inverness.
  • 5th Company landed in the first wave on the outskirts of the Hive City
  • 3rd Platoon took heavy casualties but was eventually successful in taking the power generator, powering down the anti air defenses and allowing for the rest of the regiment to land.

Notable moments:

  • Commissar Fortunus led a mighty charge in order to recover his hat. He was heavily wounded, but victorius.
  • Tech Priest Xanatov successfully called in an airstrike on the enemy position.
  • Commissar Fortunus vanquished a corrupted Techpriest in hand to hand combat.

+5 logistics.

Mission 2: Recon
D-Day +1

Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Gather intelligence of an enemy armoured brigade.
Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

Mission Specific gear:

  • Chameleoline Cloaks
  • Preysense Goggles
  • Pict Recorder
  • Auspex
  • Handheld Targeter
  • 3rd Squad entered the hive city and began to recon for the traitorous armoured brigade.
  • Traveled by rooftop to avoid ground forces
  • Drew enemy attention when Cook fumbled with his flamer just as a Traitor Valkyrie transport soared overhead.
  • Party captured the Valkyrie and dispatched occupants, but Techpriest Veche was convinced it was heretical and must be destroyed.
  • The party continued their recon until encountering beginning to pick up heat emissions of battle tanks and something larger.
  • Upon inspection, this larger signature turned out to be a tainted Reaver Class Titan.
  • The party encounted Sergeant Duk’Shan and his scout squad, who had been sent to destroy the titan.
  • With the aid of the party, the Titan was destroyed and the armoured brigade neutralized.

Notable moments

  • Commissar Fortunus leaped onto the Titan alongside the Salamanders and developed a mutual respect/heroworship with Sergeant Duk’Shan.

Salamander Honour Badge
Silver Cog of Telrazzia
+5 Logistics

Mission 3: Take and Hold

Location: Inverness
Primary Objective: Take Bridge 517 and hold until relieved (Success)
Secondary Objective: Rescue Third Platoon, 7th Company (Partial Success)
Tertiary Objective: Eliminate The Night Whisper & The Bloody Baron

Enemy Forces: The Corrupted Forces of Inverness

Mission Specific gear:

  • Chimera “Steed of Gallophus”
  • 2x Tarrantula Turrets (Lost)
  • Boltgun & Inferno Shells
  • Hotshot Lasgun
  • Barbed Wire (Lost)
  • Sand Bags (Lost)
  • Mines (Lost)
  • Carapace Armour x2
  • Chameoline Cloak
  • Auspex
  • Field Suture
  • Medikit
  • Manstopper Rounds
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Screamer

Notable moments

  • Nathin “Cook” Cornelius was saved by the Emperor from a direct hit from an Earthshaker Cannon
  • Bridge 517 was flanked by utilizing the Steed of Gallophus’ Amphibious Capabilities.
  • The party and a handful of 7th Company Scouts held Bridge 517 from hundreds of traitors, chaos mutants, sentinel walkers, a Leman Russ, mortar fire and friendly fire.
  • Sniper Macharius defeated the Leman Russ “Skullcrusher” first by shooting off it’s banner pole and then by killing it’s driver and forcing it to drive off of the bridge.
  • Commissar Fortunous survived being shot in the face by a sniper.
  • The Steed of Gallophus began to act independently alongside the servitor Zippy, fully prepared to sacrifice themselves to the Omnissiah for the lives of the squad.
  • The Departmento Munitorum is like Centrelink
  • The mysterious Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos Was met by the party, although they still don’t know what she looks like outside of her armour.

+ 1000 XP
- 3 Logistics Rating (Loss of 3rd Platoon, 7th; loss of Tarrantula Turrets, extreme damage to Steed of Gallophus)

Mission 4: Alpha Strike
Ending the War on Inverness
  • Party assaulted Rebel stronghold in conjunction with Inquisitorial Warband
  • Content Not Found: null was multi-melta’d in the face.
  • The party freaked out at a triangular room.
  • There were Chaos Space Marines (who forgot to dodge….)
  • The party were big damn heroes.
  • The Campaign on Inverness was won.
Mission 5: Here we go again....
Planet Fall on Ataxis Prime.
Prelude:Assault on the bunker
Story from the fall of Telrazzia

It was raining, heavily, the target barely visible just a hundred meters away as Macharius readied his shot at the traitorous scum passing the vents leading into the side of the bunker. It had been less than a day since he’d made his escape from one just like it, scavenging whatever he could from the traitors he took out on his way through, swimming through canals filled with scrap and gore deposited by the fighting. He was thankful for the cleansing rain – tears of The Emperor his father had called it- and the simple rifle he had stolen from an Armory during his escape – his own personal slice of The Emperors judgement. He took the shot, a short blast of sound and muzzle flash lost in the downpour and mist, and began his journey into the bunker. He had planned to return to his squad, scarred and bloody after his internment but details stolen from the desk of an ill-fated officer-slain over the course of his escape – spoke of a fellow loyal guardsman, his comrade if the report was accurate, so he made a detour determined to leave no guardsman behind. Hours later, after long stretches of crawling through cramped vent shafts and careful forays into the traitor ridden compound he approached the room containing his target, a crude torture chamber crafted from a defiled medical station. As he made his approach the smells of blood and death were pulled passed him, the disgust and horror fuelling his rage at the treacherous soldiers infesting the surrounding halls. He emerged from the grating at the edge of the room taking a second to stretch and breath clear of the confined and near toxic “hallways” he had been travelling, looking over on the slabs among the multitude of discarded bodies he saw his goal, laying on the slab, scarred and bruised. Macharius rushed to their side rousing them and removing their bonds, quick words of thanks, prayer to the Emperor, and detailing plans as the two readied themselves for escape. The next hour went quick dashing through the compound, quick diversions into hidden corners and striking any traitors in the way, no care taken to hide their trail. As they arrived at the pier connected to the canal running under the bunker, Macharius taking the driver’s seat on the small boat that would ferry the pair out of enemy territory. The pair rode out of the tunnels and away from the bunker, the rain having mostly cleared while the rescue continued. Words of advice came from the comrade, sensing Macharius’s lingering tension “count to four, inhale. count to four, exha-” Bang! And suddenly the peace was broken, a lucky shot from behind and they were dead. Five more shots were fired at Macharius as he stopped the boat and turned to aim at the traitors before he took his shot and avenged the fallen. He returned to his squad, left with only a body and last words of advice to remember Florentine Symonne by.


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