13th Telrazzian Rifles Regiment "The Last Sons" - Chargen Rules

Regiment: 13th Telrazzian Rifles

Homeworld: Post Cataclysmic World – Telrazzia
• +3 to two of: Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Perception
• Starting Skills: Awareness, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Survival
• Resourceful: +10 to survival when scavenging food/water, +10 to tech use when trying to jury-rig or repair equipment that is not overly advanced.
• Horrors of the Past: 1d5 Insanity Points, Resistance (Fear)
• Talent: Hatred (Traitor Guardsmen)
• Normal Wounds

Commanding Officer: Sanguine
• Talent: Die Hard

Regiment Type: Line Infantry
• +3 Strength, -3 Intelligence
• Skill: Athletics
• Talent: Rapid Reload
• Standard Kit:
o 1x M36 Lasgun and four charge packs
o 1x Suit of Imperial Guard Flak Armour
o 2x Frag Grenades
o 2x Krak Grenades

Doctrine: Well Provisioned
• +2 Charge Packs
• +2 Rations
• +1 Frag Grenade,
• +1 Krak Grenade

Doctrine: Inquisitorial Duties
The Regiment has been seconded to serve an Inquisitor, who has provided additional grueling training and ensured that they are well equipped.
• +10 to all logistics tests and receive one more clip of ammo/grenade than requested
• Skills: Scrutiny, Inquiry
• Talent: Resistance (Psychic Powers)

Regimental Favourite Weapons
• Sniper Rifle
• Plasmagun
• Lascannon

Standard Regimental Kit
o 1x M36 Lasgun and 6 charge packs
o 1x Autopistol and 4 clips of ammunition
o 1x Suit of Imperial Guard Flak Armour
o 3x Frag Grenades
o 3x Krak Grenades
o 1x Field Uniform
o 1x Dress Uniform
o 1x Poor Weather Gear
o 1x Clip/Drop Harness
o 1x Microbead
o 1x Knife
o 1x Flak Vest
o 1x Rucksack
o 1x Basic Tools
o 1x Mess Kit & Water Canteen
o 1x Blanket & Sleeping bag
o 1x Rechargeable Lamp Pack
o 1x Grooming Kit
o 1x Dog Tags
o 1x Imperial Guardsman Uplifting Primer
o 1x Munitorum Manual
o 4x Weeks Rations

13th Telrazzian Rifles Regiment "The Last Sons" - Chargen Rules

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