The Party

Current Roster:

Logistics Rating:
10 (Base)
+5 (Beachhead mission)
+5 (Titan Destruction)
-3 (Personnel & Equipment casualties)
+5 (Successful Inverness Campaign

Medals & Accolades:
Salamander Honour Badge
Description: A Bronze Salamander head pin.
Awarded: By the Salamanders Chapter for having fought alongside them in a vicious combat.
Squad Bonus: +10 to command tests with Imperial Guard, +10 to charm tests with Salamanders.

Silver Cog of Telrazzia
Description: A silver cog.
Awarded: To troopers who have destroyed a titan.
Squad Bonus: +10 to attacking vehicles, +10 to dodging attacks from vehicles.

Commandant’s Commendation (Awarded to Kurt, Morgan, Lachlan & Alex)
Description: A bronze star, inlaid with a teardrop-shaped ruby.
Awarded for: Capturing or Killing a traitor Imperial Guard General
Bearer Bonus: The wearer of this medal’s ranged attacks against targets benefiting from cover increase their penetration by +2

Clandestine Order of St. Meleum (Awarded to Alex & Lachlan)
Description: A gold coin with silver skull etched into it that is only visible from a certain angle.
Awarded for: Officially – Vanquishing many enemies of the Imperium Unofficially – Killing a Chaos Space Marine
Bearer Bonus: Whenever the wearer of this medal is required to make a Fear Test, he may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass that Test with 1d5 Degrees of Success.

Inverness Campaign Medal (Awarded to entire party)
Description: A silver button engraved with a gold spire in the style of the capital city of inverness
Awarded for: having been involved in serious fighting on the planet Inverness
Bearer Bonus: Whenever the wearer of this medal makes an awareness test in an Urban Environment, they add +10 to the roll.

The Mark of Vulcan (Awarded to Kurt)
Bestowed by Captain Mulcebar of the Salamanders 5th Company
Description: A miniature obsidian Black Smith’s Hammer
Awarded for: Surviving a direct hit from a melta weapon
Bearer Bonus: When wounded by a weapon with the Melta or Flamer rule, reduce damage taken by 3 points.

Non-Reward benefits:

Affinity with the Steed of Gallophus (Awarded to Sam)
Awarded for: Bonding with the machine spirit.
Bearer Bonus: +10 when interfacing with the Steed of Gallophus

Respect of the Combat Engineers (Awarded to Pegler)
Awarded for: Successfully commanding a platoon of Combat Engineers to create latrine trenches for a month during the Inverness Campaign.
Bearer Bonus: +10 on Command or Charm checks towards the Combat Engineers of the Telrazzian 13th Regiment.

The Party

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