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13th Telrazzian Rifles “The Last Sons”

The 13th Telrazzian Rifles were born from the world of Telrazzia, a ruined Hive World. Telrazzia was a hive world in the Segmentum Obscura which had a history tracing back to the Great Crusade. In celebration of the raising of the planet’s 13th regiment, the 12 other Telrazzian regiments returned home, a tradition which has been upheld throughout their history. When all twelve regiments stood at attention in the main promenade of the city to welcome the 13th, heresy struck. Immediately, companies within each of the 12 ruthlessly turned on their former comrades in arms. In such surprise countless scores of loyal guardsmen were butchered and civilians cut down. The planet was plunged into total civil war. Artillery pounded the city into rubble and aircraft strafed those seeking refuge. It was here that the 13th was given its trial by fire, for no one in its ranks had renounced their oaths to the Emperor and turned traitor. The fighting that took place on Telrazzia lasted over a decade and involved brutal and horrific acts of violence. Over the years, many of the traitorous Telrazzians aligned themselves to Slannesh and Khorne, butchering and mutilating prisoners and civilians for their patrons. As such, veterans of this conflict quickly learned to harden themselves to the many horrors that the galaxy can throw at them.

The fighting on Telrazzia destroyed the once glorious planet. The fighting only ended with the intervention of the Salamanders 4th Company, who arrived at the behest of Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos of the Ordos Xenos. There isn’t a Telrazzian alive who doesn’t remember the black skinned, green armoured Astartes who strode through torrents of fire to crush their enemy. As for the inquisitor, she was only ever seen in one of the final battles, where she was covered head to toe in armour. After then, no one has seen her.

The surviving Telrazzians guardsmen were reformed into the 13th Regiment, dubbed the “The Last Sons” by the men themselves. The regiment is on permanent secondment to Inquisitor Teyarna Gwonos and follow her to battlezones which require her expertise. As a result, the regiment has received additional mental conditioning and training as well as access to better equipment and logistics. Despite this, no one bar the top brass of the regiment have met or even seen this mysterious inquisitor.

13th Telrazzian Rifles Regiment "The Last Sons" - FLUFF

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